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Our Backyard – Anglesea

Last weekend was a huge success with the Rapid Ascent – Surf Coast Century event. The sunshine filtered through making the conditions very pleasant for the incredible athletes that took part in this fantastic event. Again we applaud the participants and supporters for coming to the coast, no doubt there were plenty of tired bodies getting themselves through the week – we met with over … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard – Anglesea

I was walking along the cliff top at Aireys Inlet this morning, looking at the spectacular view all the way around to Anglesea / Point Roadknight. The sun was dancing on the water and there were a few surfers taking a leisurely wave at Sunnymeade beach, I stood for a moment to breathe and relish the beauty as I do every day before I throw myself into work.

The little red … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard – Anglesea

Welcome to Anglesea 

Whilst winter is not my favorite season, from a sales perspective August has certainly been exceptional for the Anglesea branch with 4 sales and total value of over $4 million. It’s a positive sign of the market and the Spring & Summer season.

These sales are indicative of the variety of property styles and prices and it’s … Continue Reading »