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Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

I had a very large slice of humble pie last Saturday morning after waking up confirming it wasn’t just a bad nightmare….Tigers totally annihilated by the pies. So, I jumped on the Demons bandwagon and then Sunday morning headed into the office and there was Raema eating another slice of humble pie, so we were miserable together after the dream of our teams playing each other was smashed in 24 … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard – Anglesea & Torquay

Last Saturday when I woke up and the coastline demonstrated all 27 weather patterns, I felt sick and a sense of personal responsibility for the participants of the amazing events that were on! One thing we now know is that dedicated and committed athletes actually embrace anything the universe throws at them and simply add it into the overall mix of the challenge.

In total there were 1,100 runners in the … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard – Anglesea & Torquay

This weekend the entire coastline is filled with inspirational people, you can feel the energy of the endorphins washing over the great ocean road like a glowing purple aura of goodness.

To the amazing participants of the rapid ascent 100KM surf coast century run, we applaud you and thank you for what you are undertaking. We love meeting all our guests that come in to pick up their keys, one of … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard – Anglesea & Torquay

This week there has been more controversy over honey than the recent change of the Australian Prime Minister! And I’m not talking about the honey badger from the bachelor, although I can’t get enough of that trash TV either.

There has been a frenzy over ‘real honey’ as apparently there’s a theory over man made manufactured stuff that is posing as bee generated goodness. So everyone on the coast is wanting … Continue Reading »