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Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

Happy International Women’s Day!

In a world where there is so much inconsistency with equality in relation to gender & discrimination still very much an issue with representation in business, it’s positive that our little office in Anglesea has strength in numbers with incredible women.

It’s disheartening that overall Australia really hasn’t progressed too much from the 70’s in relation to equal pay for equal roles and across the board males still … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

If this is Autumn, I’ll take it, thank you very much!

This time of year we start taking holidays ourselves after working a solid 6 months for our high peak season and business usually starts to slow down with a change in weather. Not this year, literally we have check in’s every day at the moment, it’s not even just weekends that are busy! Our holiday accommodation business is super busy … Continue Reading »