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Our Backyard – Anglesea and Torquay

It’s all Positive news on Negative Gearing! As it turns out Australians very much have demonstrated a vested interest in the property market and in my opinion 2 of the biggest policies from a government perspective are ‘negative gearing’ and ‘franking credits’. These unchanged policies secured the existing government the election as it directly impacted the majority of voters.

Every realestate agent across the country was somewhat relieved that this will … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard – Anglesea and Torquay

I really didn’t want to talk election again this week, however I must say after having a patriotic morning watching so much footage of historical moments with the passing of Bob Hawke, I’m filled with a rush of ‘Australian’ emotions through my veins.

First and foremost, I have to say looking back in time what has been a real stand out for me are the qualities of true leadership and what … Continue Reading »