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Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

As we head into August next week, we also start the countdown to spring. Each year July seems to be the quietest month of the year for real estate transactions and there are a combination of reasons for this. Main one being that it seems that most Victorians take off to escape winter or embrace it at the ski resorts.  Every demographic or individual personal situation has similar circumstances. Families … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

When we talk about property and the value of investing, we understand that there can be market fluctuations but generally overall holding onto a property for a longer period of time will ride through any changes to price and always increase in value.

Property owners that have purchased a newer build would have never anticipated that the materials being used to create their dream home, would in fact have potential health … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard

Happy New Year!

Starting a new financial year also gives us a fresh start to think about financial goals and aspirations. I like the idea of it seasonally being winter when most of us, particularly anyone living on the coast, gets the chance to take a breather and time out to look at the bigger picture.

I take this time to file, clean up my desk and sort, it’s time to also … Continue Reading »