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May the Fourth be with you!  I know you’ve heard it all day but couldn’t help myself!

So in keeping with my Star Wars theme for the day it only seems appropriated to chat to you about potential ‘Game Changers’ for the coast….  planes, trains and automobiles!


The Victorian Budget 2018/19 will include $50 million for detailed investigations of fast rail infrastructure upgrades, costs and train requirements.

A number of options will be investigated including the possible electrification to Geelong along the existing rail corridor, as well as new dedicated highspeed rail alignments with new rolling stock. The investigations will also consider a new fleet of dedicated trains capable of travelling between 250 and 300km per hour.

A fast rail link from Geelong to Melbourne would slash travel times between Victoria’s capital and its second biggest city, as well as creating a rail pathway to Melbourne Airport. It is estimated the trip will be approx. 20 minutes!

Rail Projects Victoria will also oversee the delivery of the $11 billion Metro Tunnel and the $1.7 billion Regional Rail Revival project.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

“This vital work will help determine the best way to deliver high-speed rail to Geelong as part of the Melbourne Airport Link.”

“This is about ensuring any link to the airport delivers better services for Geelong and regional Victoria.”

“With the right planning, this could change the way people live and work in Geelong.”


This airport will be operating international flights later this year, a total of 500,000 international passengers are projected to move through Avalon Airport in the first year of operations. AirAsia X Malaysia will operate twice daily flights as the first international carrier at the airport, making long-haul flying affordable for Melbourne and the Victorian region, and improving access to more than 130 destinations in Asia and beyond.


The Anglesea Road & Great Ocean Road have plans of upgrades planned, making roads safer and having the ability to take more traffic in peak times. For more information on the various improvements, please find below link. This will also assist in any planned travel coming to the coast.



So how do these changes impact Anglesea and the coastal real estate market? These upgrades will not only bring Melbourne & regional residents closer by being more assessable, it also generates more tourism dollars and international visitors which will ultimately shine a light on one of Australia’s greatest assets – The Great Ocean Road!

This can only be super positive for growth, values and investment into local communities.

More reasons to purchase property in Anglesea.

Have a great weekend, look forward to seeing you at the open for inspections and private appointments.







Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager



46 MCMAHON AVENUE, ANGLESEA – price $740,000 – $780,000




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