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We tested the market last weekend with 3 x Auctions, all had fantastic attendances, loads of interest, our Auctioneer did a brilliant job….. It’s unfortunate all the buyers that told us they would be there bidding, took the contracts and said they were in the price range and ready to buy…. Actually weren’t! It’s a funny old game the Auction one, somewhere along the line we must get lost in translation!  All properties had offers but none that were acceptable to our vendors (under the price range we quoted in our statement of information). So they are on the market and ready to go. With the asking price and very transparent.

Looks like we will stick to our ‘best and final’ or ‘expressions of interest’ or ‘offers by date’ or ‘private sale’ campaigns moving forward…. The ones that buyers told us they didn’t like and would prefer Auctions.

When buyers are looking for unique offerings to the market, particularly in a coastal market, properties that have something ‘special’ are definitely worth considering. They add value over time or hold their value due to the exclusivity.  More specifically carefully considered design elements or features that can’t necessarily be put in now due to an update in council guidelines.  We have 3 properties on the market with these qualities and worth considering:

5 Fifth Avenue, Anglesea – Personal Lift!

  • With a 3 person Lift, making this property hugely attractive as it becomes ‘un-restrictive’ to any age or personal situation. Whether it be for heavy shopping bags, furniture or catering to elderly or people with disabilities. So many buyers want a double story home because of the exceptional views but can’t tackle stairs, what a special feature a lift is.
  • To add to this, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a kitchenette – are also wonderful design highlights.

7 First Avenue, Anglesea – Tennis Court!

  • Council guidelines have been updated over the years, in a nutshell they allow for building / house footprint to take up approx. 30% of the block size, with an additional 5% for hard surfaces (paving, driveways etc) and an additional 5% for decking – as mentioned all proportional to the overall land size. So this has made ‘Tennis Courts’ a very rare and valuable commodity, as it would be very tricky to get them in now! 7 First Avenue has one, plus ocean views in a great location…… the house is pretty special too…

59 Seventh Avenue, Anglesea – Studio Apartment!

  • As per above with the council guidelines, putting in a separate ‘studio apartment’ or ‘granny flat’ would be extremely hard to do. 59 Seventh Ave built the house and the studio apartment over 8 years ago, so it all presents like new and a real luxury having 2 houses on the one site. The studio sits very privately at the rear of the property and the overall block size is approx. 1395sqm, with its own side entrance and elevated with land surrounding, this is definitely worth considering for multiple families, parents, teens or income stream!



58A Bingley Parade, Anglesea – Private Sale $1,150,000

With multiple interested parties and the property overflowing with buyers last weekend, this amazing River House will most likely being going to a ‘best and final offers’ in the coming days with an outcome due early next week…. Be quick this will be SOLD soon!

13 Niblick Street, Anglesea – Private Sale $765K

This property was built only 12 years ago so presents incredibly well, there are very few single level homes in Anglesea so it’s had incredible interest….. and OFFER!


27 Pickworth Drive, Anglesea


Have a lovely weekend. Another hot one, with the weather gods turning on again…. Compared to the rest of Australia, this pocket on the coast has been sprinkled with magic for your enjoyment! We would love it if you can tear yourself away from the water to come visit our exceptional listings. See you at the opens or private appointments.








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