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Australian homes are among the most expensive in the world when household incomes and rents are taken into account, International Monetary Fund figures show.

As part of a move to push governments to act against housing bubbles, the fund unveiled comparative data on Thursday morning intended to underline the high cost of homes.

It shows rising prices have pushed two key measures of home values – the ratios of house prices to incomes and prices to rents – well above their long-term averages.

With houses selling for more than four times the average household income, the IMF said this ratio in Australia was much higher than its historical average.

A 24-country comparison showed that Australian homes were behind only those of Belgium and Canada when judged by this measure.


Saturday June 14, 2014

54 McMahon Avenue  1.00 – 1.30

26 Belton Street  2.00 2.30

Sunday June 15, 2014

13A Second Avenue  2.00 2.30

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