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They say when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like a job. As I nestled in to have a lazy day on my day off on Tuesday, wild weather in the background meant it was a guilt free telly & magazine day. I was looking through my recorded programs on Foxtel and thinking I may just have to book into ‘agents anonymous’ I’m addicted to any TV shows related to property, interior design & realestate. Grand Designs, Selling Houses Australia, Million Dollar Listing, Selling New York and the list goes on. The main one we are all talking about this week is The Block, as I sat watching the Auctions, I slipped in to how I feel for my vendors through not only the campaign but on Auction day itself.

Whilst not every property sells at Auction, the process really shouldn’t end up like a game show of spin the wheel and see if you win or lose on the day. Monitoring enquiries, gaining feedback relating to price, speaking to purchasers through open for inspections about the house, ensuring the advertising campaign is right, marketing strategy is attracting the right buyers are all important factors. This for us is a daily / weekly process for generating a successful outcome for our vendors, communicating with our purchasers, crucial.

The Block doesn’t have that aspect to the process highlighted. Was the location right for the price? Prahran on a busy main road with a tramline and opposite a university is suited to a particular demographic / buyer. The reserves were very high and are there concerns from a buyer perspective over the level of build and attention to detail when there are such incredible time constraints to get an entire building renovated? I was surprised at the lack of buyers / bidders at the Auction for such a high profile TV show. I was also critical of the Auctioneers; however they can only work with who they have there on the day too. Great Auctions are amazing for everyone that is there, for me the joy of a buyer owning a new home and a seller moving onto the next stage in their journey,  is what makes this job so incredible and I just love it when it works out for everyone.

Results reported last weekend in Melbourne were again really positive with a clearance rate of 74% from 843 Auctions. This is 15% higher than same time 12 months ago. The flow on for the coast is more buyers in the market in a position to afford lifestyle properties or better still making the move permanently. We sold properties to people this week that are moving from Melbourne and we are looking forward to having them here.

There is a very special resident of Anglesea that would have seen a lot of changes to the property landscape and many people come and go in this magical place. All the team here at Anglesea would like to wish Tom Randall (Kenneth Thomas Randall) a wonderful 100th Birthday, which he celebrated this week!

Time to turn off the TV, get outside and enjoy the beach, as we have a heavenly week of beautiful warm weather heading our way. Excellent conditions for reading an interior design magazine in the sunshine, checking out property, a drive along the Great Ocean Road………

Take the right Road to Real Estate…………. Great Ocean Road Real Estate

Open for inspections on Saturday and Sunday or by appointment, so feel free to get in touch with us anytime.


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