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Happy New Year!

Starting a new financial year also gives us a fresh start to think about financial goals and aspirations. I like the idea of it seasonally being winter when most of us, particularly anyone living on the coast, gets the chance to take a breather and time out to look at the bigger picture.

I take this time to file, clean up my desk and sort, it’s time to also get into the cupboards at home and declutter. Being able to donate to charity shops or hand on items also feels like a great thing to do. The Anglesea op shop is probably one of the best around for seeking out treasures. Most property owners here, when they sell end up taking all of their good to this one little shop and its always worth a look. One of our new listings, dropped a load of amazing things just this week so worth popping in.

Throughout my life, I have always been a summer person, swimming, sunbaking & resting, however since moving to the coast over 5 years ago now, I have discovered winter with fresh perspective. Although the days seem shorter with less sunlight, with my life not being as hectic, I have more time, which is totally reinvigorating. I’ve been out in the mornings, walking and whale spotting with sun on my face and fresh air penetrating my soul! Sitting around the fire, cooking beautiful meals, chatting and enjoying the company of my favourite people is just lovely.  With School holidays on at the moment, usually many people head away to warmth and sunshine and yet our little coastal towns are currently full to the brim and it’s wonderful to see so many people enjoying our local environment.

Being in property I’m also revaluating what my aspirational / dream property is and as I get older I have to admit it’s changing, bigger lush land with wild ocean views, wood fires, a tub with a view, space and serenity is now at the top of my list.  This week I’m featuring a property that our Apollo Bay office has listed and this pretty much sums up everything on my wish list. Check it out!

170 Busty Road, Apollo Bay, VIC, 3233


Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead, hope you take time out to breathe and dream big…. May your visions become your reality!

We look forward to seeing you at the open for inspections or private appointments.







Kellie Saddington

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