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There is not a moment of my day that I don’t think of my beautiful mum or feel her presence, the heartbreak of losing her certainly put life in perspective. When she died in April, the Anglesea nursing home had been in lock down for the first time and I was unable able to visit her for a month.

We were new to the restrictions of Covid-19 and the management and staff of the home were being diligent and cautious. Under compassionate circumstances, the nursing home called me in and I spent the last 5 days of her life with her, holding her hand and coaching her gently to the angelic realm, where she didn’t have to suffer anymore and would be reunited with her own parents in the spirit world. It was the toughest week of my entire life and now when people talk to me about how stressed they are about the most trivial things, like having to wear a face mask  ‘Karen from Bunnings’  I simply have no tolerance. The saying ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ has never been more prevalent.

With nursing homes now at the forefront, I can only empathize with anyone that has a parent in care or struggling in their own home. I can now honestly feel so grateful that I was there with my mum when she passed. It’s interesting how your mind can shift in months from devasting loss to feeling blessed for the gift of just being by her side and that this wonderful woman of mine, left the earth when she did and in such a positive environment.  I cannot even imagine the trauma of losing someone you love so much as so many people are, and the inability of being by their side.

From Sunday, all of us on the coast are with you Melbourne & Mitchell Shire, we share with you lockdown, restrictions and now wearing a mask. Thank you to one of my gorgeous clients that has made me a couple of Richmond Tigers ones, that I actually look forward to wearing with pride.

I spoke with a friend today from Melbourne and she was saying thank goodness for the sunshine, so they could get out and have a walk. It is these little moments of beauty we look forward to and you know what, we have to, because there is so much to be happy about in amongst feeling deflated. The whales are arriving to the coast, the ocean and blue sky are more vibrant and stunning than ever this Winter.

We have been selling beach houses and watching people change their outlook and their lives. I have had the pleasure of dealing with the most divine vendors and purchasers, doing business has been really really lovely. We all have things we don’t like about work sometimes, but for me lately its really kept me moving forward and I thank all of you for that.


  • 71 Harvey Street, Anglesea – multiple interest
  • 11 Hyland Court
  • 2 Gabba Court
  • 17 Pickworth Drive


  • 40 Fifth Avenue – private sale $1,590,000


  • 140 Great Ocean Road – private sale $1,350,000
  • 59 Seventh Avenue – private sale $2,100,000 – $2,200,000

Have a lovely sunny weekend.   

Take care & stay safe.  

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