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A few of my friends have been celebrating milestone birthdays this week, its so hard to not see your besties and give them a hug on such special occasions. The beauty is though that we have had to find creative ways to connect and send our love. All our friends caught up and had 5pm ‘zoom’ drinks and then later I joined a ‘zoom’ dinner party!

Australia post, florists and online deliveries are businesses that are certainly flourishing under these lockdown conditions. From a real estate perspective, we are very much matching buyers with properties and getting sales across the line within our guidelines.

I have sold 2 properties recently off market and currently negotiating a third. The buyer is planning on purchasing the property virtually, understanding that it’s all about the position rather than the actual house with a long-term investment strategy in mind. This is very much a time of strong relationships and candid communication to get deals done.

Its wonderful to see so many people enjoying cooking delicious meals at home and then making sure there is exercise every day for physical and mental health. I watched a series on Netflix – Gwyneth Paltrow’s business ‘GOOP’ has individual episodes on health and wellbeing. The one I loved was about the ice man – Wim Hof, who has proven scientific results from techniques which encompass cold therapy, breathing and commitment.


We have always known that feeling from running into a cold ocean and how invigorating and amazing it is to your overall vibe it is afterwards. Well a regular ritual can actually have incredible health and mind benefits and whilst its winter, with time on our side there has never been a better time to explore anything that will make us feel happy and healthy. If you have ever been on main beach early in the morning you will see the regular group that head out every morning. No wetsuits by the way.

As we know the coast is full of surfers addicted to chasing a wave and getting in the water, they have probably never understood the positive impact of cold water therapy and how brilliant it is, along with the adrenaline rush.

Thank you to all the buyers checking in and staying in touch, hoping there will be more stock coming to the market. We may be a little on hold at the moment, however in time, that will all change so hang in there.


  • 45 Odonohue Road – private sale $1,950,000 (we have a virtual tour of this property online)


  • 140 Great Ocean Road – private sale $1,300,000 (sold off market)
  • 11 Hyland Court
  • 71 Harvey Street


  • 17 Pickworth Drive
  • 2 Gabba Court
  • 19 Seventh Avenue
  • 3 Fernald Avenue
  • 10 Little Street
  • 31 Great Ocean Road
  • 5/31 Purnell Street
  • 9 Seventh Avenue


  • 59 Seventh Avenue – private sale $2,100,000 – $2,200,000

Have a lovely weekend.

Take care & stay warm (or cold) .

Kind Regards 

Kellie Saddington
0488 980 994

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