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The conversation around COVID-19 seems to have been amplified over the last couple of weeks as our clients, friends and family in Melbourne continue to endure strict lock down measures. As I talk to people that were once very supportive of the first lock down measures, and the early stages of the second lock down, they are now very critical of the state government and its management of the pandemic.

We in regional Victoria, by comparison, have had it relatively easy in regards to the length of time and how far we have had to restrict our movements from our homes during lockdown. The obvious big positive for living where we do is the endless choice of activities that can be enjoyed on our beautiful coastline and associated hinterland. In ‘Our Anglesea Backyard’ we have the opportunity surf, bike, hike, horse ride, trail bike ride, off road 4X4, golf, sail, fish (to name a few) in some of the most pristine and spectacular environments in the world. More than ever our coastal lifestyle is envied by our Melbournian friends.

The effect of COVID-19 on the local Anglesea real estate market has been quite profound as peoples work environments change and the need to physically attend a traditional office become less important to employers. Likewise, our retired and semi-retired clients are now less drawn to living in city’s as restaurants, theatre/galleries and international travel are put on hold and a desire to live a naturally spectacular environment becomes more important. In the last 6 months we have seen a significant shift from buyers looking for a beach house for dedicated holiday use to buyers who are looking to move to Anglesea on a more permanent basis as we record one the busiest winters on record. The great winter sales volumes achieved have largely been restricted by current low stock levels as buyers snap all available properties, mostly under competitive negotiation. I’m excited by the anticipated level of pent up buyer demand that will be released once Melbourne’s restrictions are lifted. If you’re thinking of selling, I envisage this summer to be one of the best ‘Sellers’ markets in recent history.  

Have a great weekend.

For and Behalf of the Anglesea Team.

Ben Jackson
Branch Manager
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