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The Anglesea property market has never been more in demand than it is right now! The sales team have been run off their feet with enquiries and meeting literally hundreds of buyers.  I’ve had to move to a sensible high heel as I’ve been back and forth to properties so many times!

An incredible success story has been Roadknight Villas, which we have contracted all 8 properties in 3 weeks. My phone has not stopped ringing and as predicted, we have so many buyers that are upset they missed out. We have been running 3 x 2 hour inspections, plus private inspections and had over 200 groups through the site over the duration of the sales campaign.

This fantastic result again proves that any properties that fall in the $400 – $650K price bracket have the highest percentage of purchasers and demand. Around 70% of buyers are in this category and seeking mainly a second property for lifestyle reasons.  A huge attraction is of course the opportunity to be able to combine holiday accommodation rental with using the home personally.  Our business catering and being able to provide a service that manages this process making it a unique and positive scenario for coastal property owners.

We are very fortunate to have Ben Jackson join our sales team and he came to us at a perfect time given how busy we have been. Ben is a super experienced agent that has been working successfully on the coast for the last few years, more recently listing and selling in Torquay. Testimony to his professionalism, Ben secured a sale only days after commencing with us!! His family have had property here in Anglesea and he has spent many days enjoying our local beaches. Both the Anglesea and Aireys Inlet teams are absolutely thrilled to have him on board and many of you will get to meet him soon. To find out more about Ben, click on the following link https://www.realestateanglesea.com.au/our-company/team-members/?u=216785 

Local news has highlighted several closures of beaches including Point Roadknight and Fairhaven with shark sightings. My friend was at Roadknight and said it was like a scene from Jaws with parents running to get their kids out of the water…… and of course popping them right back in a few hours later. Important to stay safe and be aware but not get too carried away with fear!

Last year I shouted the bar at the ‘Rusty Anchor’ with successful Point Roadknight sales…… looks like it’s going to a good one this summer given we have just sold 8! Look forward to seeing you down there one night very soon to share a celebration beverage!

Stay water & sun safe……. Look forward to seeing you in some of our favourite places. Check out this pic I took at Guvvos on Monday morning, another spectacular summer day!

Have a great weekend.








Kellie Saddington

Branch manager 










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