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This week the EPA reported 36 Melbourne beaches unsafe for swimming after the heavy rain and storms of Sunday and Monday. The water being polluted and people were at risk of both infection and gastroenteritis from entering the water.

As I walked along the beach here in Anglesea, I had a smirk on my face looking at our beautiful clean water and coast. Then I was attacked by sand flies! These little annoying things can literally drive people off the beaches as they become unbearable with their bites. They increase production in a heatwave, females carrying up to 50 eggs, so a population explosion doesn’t take much.

It always makes me think about how international comedians talk about Australia and the creatures we have every day that we have to be weary of. We have only had to get the snake catcher out to one property this summer. The coast being so close to bush land has both tiger and brown snakes and they will cause serious illness or fatality if not attended to immediately. Whilst we don’t want to scare tourists or travellers away, we really do have to be aware of our environment and respecting the creatures we share the planet with. We always advise having a first aid kit in the car and being cautious. If nothing else some stingoes to make the nights bearable with itching.

With the abundance of buyers in the market we have seen more of a shift towards Auctions on the coast. Traditionally a ‘private treaty’ area, it makes sense if a property will attract more than one interested party to take the path of allowing buyers to bid it out. In saying that, the Auction process does need to be marketed correctly. A reminder that if one is being advertised ‘Forthcoming Auction’ then there needs to be a date of the auction on the authority and therefore communicated to potential purchasers. There must be a 10% or less price range quoted, there can’t be a figure then the word plus. Probably not a great idea to have forthcoming Auction and then not tell the market the day of auction, good for wise and diligent buyers though that can take advantage and pick up a good buy!

We have 11 Lubel Street coming up for Auction on 11th March at 12pm, however our vendors are considering offers prior to. First open for inspections are this weekend, we hope you can make it along to check out this fantastic beach property.


See you at the open for inspections or any property by private appointment.




Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager










Kellie Saddington
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11 Lubel Street – Auction 11th March (unless sold prior)
Price range – $790,000-$850,000


5 Fairway Drive – $582,000


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