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Next week is autumn!!! Last week was winter….. Was that summer that just arrived and then left us slamming the door in our face? I’m confused and hurt, I just want it back, let’s talk about this and see if we can negotiate just a little more time with each other!

So as they say life goes on and we’ll just pick up the phone and book a holiday to Bali hey.

We reflected this week on how the market has performed and did a quick analysis of the numbers for Anglesea over summer, here is the snap shot…

There have been 30 sales in Anglesea from December to current….

26 x House

4 x Land

So an average of 10 per month and also an average of approx. 10-15 listings on the market each month, with different or new stock coming in & going out. This limited inventory has encouraged strong purchaser activity and loads of buyers giving us specific briefs on their criteria. We always like to chat to any buyers about exactly what they are after because often we’ll have a property owner that lets us know that ‘if’ we have a buyer for their property and we can refer them, then they just might sell!

It’s also a time where vendors can be misled by agents and it’s been hard to sit back and watch some listings get destroyed with inflated pricing. We deal with very intelligent and well researched buyers that do not like being treated with disrespect. Whilst it’s a high demand and low supply market, purchasers still have a very clear understanding on what represents value or sits well in their criteria.

Buying a home or beach house should always be about the journey and memories that are yet to be made. Life is short and to be cherished, we don’t know what’s on the road ahead so embrace every moment.

Value is determined by each individual, what is very clear from our perspective is that if our buyers and vendors aren’t giving us a hug or smile at the end of the transaction, we haven’t done our job.

So whilst summer has almost gone, we can reopen the door gently and welcome in a new season and a fresh start. Just when you thought it was all over, it might just be a surprise beginning…. Anglesea awaits.




Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager







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SATURDAY 25TH FEB 12:00-12:30






Nestled in the heart of Anglesea, Caballo is perfectly located within easy walking distance of Anglesea’s river, beach and shops. This recently renovated home will appeal to both families and couples looking for that beach getaway.

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