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Welcome to Anglesea 

After an extended period of great autumn weather, the cooler southern winds have begun to blow and chilly early morning walks along the beach have seen hands thrust deep into pockets. Historically we would normally start to see the township go into ‘hibernation’ mode and there is no doubt that the crowds of Easter have disappeared however there is still plenty of real estate activity. Over the past 3-4 weeks we have seen 4 properties being marked as sold as buyers who we’re not successful in purchasing during summer compete to secure property in a traditionally less active period. Low levels of stock continue to produce great results in short periods of time on market. The weather might be cool but the market continues to be hot and aside from a major economic upset I cant see that the Anglesea property market is likely to change as we progress into winter.   


I look forward to winter in Anglesea knowing that there is so much to do around our great town. The surf becomes more consistent, the café’s and restaurants serve great winter food, walking and riding in the Anglesea Heath or canoeing down the Anglesea River, we really are spoilt for choice in how to spend free time.   


Ben Jackson
Sales Consultant 
0437 380 706









Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th May 

37A McMillan Street 12:00-12:30


4 Valda Street, Anglesea


If your looking for a permanent rental, we have 3 new listings this week! Click on the links below to find out more

1B Donald Avenue, Anglesea

1 Lubel Street, Anglesea

16 Niblick Street, Anglesea 


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