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This time of year most agents along the coast take their annual leave, as we need to be working during the traditional holiday seasons.  Peak of summer, school holidays, Easter etc.

So I’ve just had a couple of weeks off and headed away to the sunshine and warmth of Bali. Whilst it was too hot to do too much during the day but pop myself on a sun lounge and read, the afternoons as the sun went down was a perfect time to hit the shops! Anyway 15 kilos later my house has an update in homewares. I think like many women I am mad about a cushion & throw rug! On my lounge and on every bed, there is an array of sizes and styles. A male friend of mine asked me recently ‘what is it with women and cushions?’ well I will tell you they are the most cost effective way of transforming a room, adding warmth and bringing together colours with paintings, sculptures, light fittings and ornaments. I’m loving the new look and feel and these simple things that have freshened up my space make me smile when I walk in the door.

The great thing about shopping – is that you can also jump online if you can’t get that item out of your mind that you wish you had of purchased. This was my favourite Bali shop, you can check out the website, which has great coastal themed items.


I have to admit though, I actually couldn’t get in the ocean whilst I was away because the water and beaches are littered with rubbish, it broke my heart really. I recently wrote about plastic and bags and waste and there it was right in front of my face whilst I was walking or sipping on cocktails with friends. Getting back home to Anglesea was divine, I love going away and then coming home with fresh eyes on this heavenly place. I sat in the winter sunshine last Saturday and felt so grateful to be living in such a special place with our clear blue water, it may be cold but it’s a dream to swim in.







Today I went to an REIV (Real Estate Institute of Victoria) seminar and as buyers and vendors you will notice changes that came into play from 1st May. Whilst consumer affairs have implemented these changes to combat ‘under quoting’ around Auctions, they will also have an effect on agents that ‘over quote’ for private sale.  Also how ‘offers’ need to be presented to vendors on buyers behalf. If you are heading to open for inspections this weekend, make sure you are receiving information from agents, specifically a document highlighting 3 comparable sales that are relevant to the house you are viewing. There are a bunch of changes, with new forms to be filled in and these are designed to clean up any misgivings that are taking place in our industry around pricing and conduct.  I will keep you informed and updated when we cross paths, however you are always welcome to come into the office anytime or give me a call and I will let you know what to look out for.

Have a great weekend, stay warm – I’ll be snuggled in my electric blanket bed, pretending I’m back in the pool at http://elkabron.com/




Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager

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