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To Build or Not to Build, That is The Question!

We often get asked if we have blocks of land for sale as a lot of buyers prefer to build something new, so they can get all the features and design they want.

Anglesea has very few blocks of land available, so the option is to find a street and position you like then knock down and re-build?

Building on the coast and specific areas will attract different guidelines so the best thing to do is jump onto the Surf Coast Shire website and familiarise yourself with the planning schemes. Updates in 2014/15 which relate to;

–          Design and development

–          Development plan

–          Vegetation protection

–          Significant landscape

–          Neighbourhood character

–          Heritage

–          Zone


Based on things like setbacks- ie: 9 metres from the front, 3 metres from the boundary or being able to build on 30% of the block plus 5% for ‘hard surfaces’ & 5% for ‘decking’– this can have a huge impact on your actual building envelope.  

Often existing properties in Anglesea were built with much more coverage than what you could get with a new build. Many times, I recommend to purchasers don’t rule out a property as it can offer a fantastic blank canvas for re-designing. Look at the frame and bones of the property and work within it to make it your own. This can often work out much better value plus of course you can use the property in the meantime. In this instance land size is really important for extensions – bigger the land, better the scope.

On a super positive note, I have friends that I sold a very old and run down house to – it couldn’t be saved in the state it was in. They loved the location, so proximity was really important to them. They were so across the guidelines and totally worked within them, consulting with the council, utilising them as a resource and getting their advice. Their experience has been really positive, even down to their landscape plan and what plants to put in. no hold ups or objections, planning approval went through and the build is well and truly on the way. The design of the home worked perfectly for the block and meeting all the requirements, assisting the whole process.

There is so much more to their story & I think they are inspirational! Having been a builder many years ago, it was a life goal to construct the home themselves with their bare hands! They work full time in Melbourne, have 3 children and spend every weekend and spare time working on their house in Anglesea. I have such admiration and respect for them as they chip away achieving their dream. Whilst most weeks they are exhausted and feel like the road is too long and hard, I know it will be an accomplishment that they can feel proud of for the rest of their lives.  Never give up on your life goals, keep going!

I look forward to sharing their updates and having a celebration when it’s complete.

If we can ever offer some guidance or documentation on your plans, then let us know and we’ll point you in the right direction or offer some advice based on your circumstances.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the sunshine, the whales, the waves & every little moment of bliss.

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