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School holidays kick off as of right now! The next two weeks will see the coastline busy with activity as there is also the public holiday next Friday for the Grand Final, works quite well being positioned in the middle of the school holidays. With an extended ski season, and still feeling pretty wintery up until the last couple of days, I think we may all get a bit of a shock at just how quickly the last quarter of the year will creep up on us. We really haven’t had much of a chance to get out and do the things we usually would with things like garden tidy up, clearing out the gutters, painting and sorting.

It feels right to cleanse our lives with an annual spring de-clutter, I’m totally guilty of holding onto items, mainly because I will put off setting aside the time required to do it properly. Last week I put on my instagram a photo of me in a beautiful jacket that was my grandmas! She wore this jacket when she was in her 20’s and so it’s about 80 years old….  She’s with the angels for many years now, so it feels lovely wearing it and a little way of connecting to her spirit. That will give you an indication of my hoarding abilities of sentimental items.

Whilst I’m not sorting myself out, I am doing a bit of clearing of my mums’ house at the moment and I came across the ‘special and sentimental’ things that she’s kept too. So many people get beautiful vases, glass wear, cutlery etc and lock it away to use for that one off occasion. It made me think that we really shouldn’t be saving these things but instead use them every day. Drink your morning cuppa from the bone china, wear the diamond earrings to work, buy yourself the flowers to pop in your vase – don’t wait for someone else to get them for you. Special things will make you feel great and pop a smile on your face, enjoy them and enjoy each day.

Tomorrow I will again be collecting my Mumma and spending an anxious afternoon on the couch glued to the TV, I will be serving her dinner on the antique plates, eating fish n chips with the silver cutlery & popping her chilled water in the finest of crystal glasses…… to enjoy the Tigers!

We have a wonderful new listing in Point Roadknight and a selection of excellent properties that we hope you’re able to come along and inspect.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the sunshine, look forward to seeing you at the opens & private appointments.




Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager

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