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This time in a month it will be the week before Christmas!!!!!!! For a change I have actually had to head out to major shopping strips instead of the online delivery to the office door situation. I was thinking to myself, these retailers always put out the decorations and marketing way too early. No not at all, exactly the sensible time it is to probably start planning for the upcoming major event of the year and best bit, holidays by the beach!

We have approx 170 checks in’s and around that week of Boxing Day, so many people have the joy of coming and chilling out at gorgeous coastal town. The second week, we have about 10 properties still available and then from 3rd week of January there are again more options to consider.

I think because we are still really waiting for warmth or summer vibes to snap us into that vacation head space. This week gave us the usual mix of summer, autumn, winter and spring all at the same time. I must admit I loved the down pour after a tiny heat wave.

The Melbourne real estate market still generating strong clearance rates, however after to chatting many agents in that market, they are giving feedback that it’s still feeling a little ‘patchy’. The more affluent areas are noticing less of the international buyers, more specifically the Chinese buyers that were coming in and blowing everyone away at Auctions with knock out figures. It seems the additional requirements from FIRB (foreign investment review board) has made a slight impact & these scenarios are not as prevalent.

1153 sales – 72% clearance

660 sold at Auction – 170 sold prior – 1 sold after – 375 private sales.

It’s been a great week for Australia, with many people celebrating so many things, further enhancing what a wonderful country we live in. Only one thing would make it better…… owning a beach house! We can certainly help you with that. YES we can.

Have a great weekend, look forward to seeing you at the opens & private appointments.







Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager




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