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It’s hard to imagine that only 40 years ago it was very difficult for a woman to secure a loan to buy a house, near impossible for a single mother to be approved based on her circumstances. They were judged similarly for rental too, which meant prior to the 70’s women in unstable family situations had no choice but to stay.

With incredible strength and determination, a woman that found herself needing to protect her 4 children from a volatile home environment, took extreme measures to start a new life for herself and her kids. Knowing she needed to work full time and had to get to her workplace, she secretly purchased a car and had driving lessons and got her licence. She then approached the local bank manager whom she knew very well and he had a clear understanding of what was going on at home along with the confidence of knowing that it was her paying the bills and keeping the family on track financially. In those days, bank managers had a level of autonomy and personal relationships based on communities, were everything. He jeopardized his own job, as he had never given a single mother a loan & approved finance so she could buy a house.

Having to work full time and raise 4 kids on her own, on the year of her 40th birthday, she found a house to buy. It’s was pretty much the worst one in the street, however the tram was close and it meant her children could get to and from school whilst she was at work. Too proud to take furniture from her husband, she went to an empty house apart from a few beds. Every day was a picnic with a blanket thrown on the floor to eat daily meals from, her budget was $5 a week for food and bills as all the earnings went on the mortgage and at that time, it was around 18% interest!

A Few years later, her elderly mother came to live at the property too, and it was through public housing, the government built a granny flat in the backyard for her to stay. The arrangement worked out well as she cooked meals and offered support in many ways to the family. Her presence being incredibly special to everyone.

Whilst the strategy of the suburb of choice was based mainly around public transport, it was also incredibly fortunate schooling was up there with the best in the state. The criteria for house selection still holds true of what will always retain strong value.  Schools, public transport, shopping precinct, close proximity to the city & amenities being very relevant for selecting an area to live in.

As the years went on, things got easier and down the track, she had saved enough to do some renovations to the house, of course the couch was comfy and thrilling to get a dining suite to have meals together with her family. There were many happy times along with the struggles, more than anything she felt safe and in control of her life. The kids eventually grew up and moved out and she found herself enjoying her home and space, she had worked so hard for.

This is my mum’s story and after 40 years, we have the house on market for sale as she is in now in care battling Alzheimer’s and unable to live on her own. This home represented so much more than just a roof over our heads growing up, she taught me the value of courage, strength and that along with survival, fighting for what you believe in is everything.  Independence, integrity and being true to yourself will always be the most important lessons learned in life.  A house can be so much more than a good investment, it can be life changing.

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Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager



95 Noble Street, Anglesea – $865K


Sneak Peak…… New Listings!

25 Third Avenue, Anglesea – Expressions of Interest. Price range $2-$2.2

62 Bingley Parade, Anglesea – Expressions of Interest. Price range $850K




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