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How beautiful is the sunshine, haven’t the weather gods turned it on for everyone for the long weekend. I love Autumn, it feels like summer but we appreciate the sun so much more because we know its running out.

It’s also wonderful knowing that in only two weeks’ time we will also be looking forward to an Easter & school holiday break, so there’s plenty of good times to enjoy ahead. From a real estate perspective, this timing is another great opportunity to consider new stock coming onto the market. More listings, just when you thought it had all dried up, as we keep telling disheartened buyers, there will always be new properties consistently through the year. It’s also a market where buyers are making quick decisions so they don’t miss out, we couldn’t stress more that clear & respectful transactions are our key focus and we are here to help buyers secure properties.

I consistently hear that buyers are treated poorly in the negotiation process, which greatly upsets me. It’s not a game and really no one likes the feeling they are being played.

Here are my tips for securing property;

  • Do your due diligence with making sure you can secure a loan or obtain bridging finance
  • Put your offer in writing via the contract of sale and vendors statement, as an agent must present it to the vendor and seek instructions. It’s not up to an agent to reject an offer, all we can do is guide you to what the vendor is seeking and help with making it appealing to get the sale
  • Make your offer conditional, so you can firm up finance or get a building and pest inspection, we will help you with these conditions as per the REIV exact wording
  • Most importantly – you have nothing to lose! The law stipulates you have 3 business days to cool off’ which means you can change your mind if you need to
  • A real estate agent whilst working for a vendor can’t get a sale without a buyer, so we love you equally. We are here to help and guide!
  • Don’t outsmart yourself by trying crazy negotiating games, it won’t work in your favor, tell us you want the house not how much you hate it and think that we will suddenly drop the price and sell it to you cheaper!

Speaking of holidays, when I was sunning myself in Bail last week, all I could think about was how our beaches are so much more beautiful than any others id seen in the world. I was second guessing why I even headed away when I have paradise right here on my door step.

So my biggest tip of all is, stay here! This coastline is bliss and all the Bali gods kept whispering in my ear, is can I come and live in your village?

Have a wonderful weekend, see you at the open for inspection and private appointments.







Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager


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