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Let me give you a strategic advantage if you are considering buying in Anglesea right now! Don’t wait until Easter to get down to the coast and look at our stock, where you will be competing with 10 other new buyers coming into the market.

We have had some savvy purchasers this week that have not hesitated in snapping up a few of our properties with the view of taking them off the market one week prior to our second busiest time on the coast. I mentioned a few weeks ago that two of our highest sales months in 2017 were May / June for this very reason. Buyers realizing that we can often slow down a little on the listings as we get into the colder months.

Not only is Easter early and runs into 2 weeks of school holidays, we have a whole lot of people coming to the coast to for Bells Beach and the Rip Curl Professional Surfing competition. Mick Fanning my personal favorite has chosen this event to be his last to end his career. He is not only an amazing athlete, role model and inspiration….. but easy on the eye too! This is sure to bring an extra frenzy to the coast.

For anyone that is not into the Grand Prix this weekend, you might just feel like jumping into the car and listen to the crashing waves instead of the whirling sound of burning tyres. I sure know what I’d rather being doing.

This week I sold a property to a buyer that is interstate and hasn’t even seen the house, however did not want to miss out it! But even crazier than that, I have had a second property that will be selling under exactly the same circumstances!

Ben had so much interest in 18 Ingram Road this week, he had to run a ‘best and final’ within 6 days of it hitting the market. An incredible result for this property, which just highlights how buyers will totally fight for an excellent location in a certain price range. We will confirm more details next week on this sale.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you at the open for inspection and private appointments.







Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager


1Russell Avenue, Anglesea – land $450,000


20 Bachli Court, Anglesea

18 Ingram Road, Anglesea

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