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22nd June 2018

Last weekend buyers almost needed a bravery award for stepping outside and into the wild winds and rain. I felt like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz at my house and funnily enough my dog Rosie looks very much like Toto… I do have to say though being tucked up in the warmth, fire blazing and sitting on the edge of Australia with such dramatic weather is a wonderful kind of exceptional feeling. I love knowing for a moment, it’s not possible to do anything else but pour a glass of red wine and settle in for a movie marathon or watch the Tigers win… but I’ll take that crazy rain only for the odd weekend thanks, give me sunshine and blue skies the rest of the time.

This weather pattern brings out weaknesses in houses, rain that comes in from a different direction or loads of leaves coming down can show up rusty gutters or window frames that leak. We have to see these events at the start of winter a blessing to get onto some jobs that need doing. Cut those branches back from the house before one falls through your roof, replace guttering to avoid excess water sitting around the property. The other major thing is that power can go out and worse your hot water tank fails you. No one wants a cold shower in winter. With extra expenses you don’t need right now, how can you minimize the costs? Well I have a couple of answers for you worth investigating.

Did you know you could get a rebate for replacing your hot water tank? Check out this site or even better ask one of our amazing plumbers for assistance, one of our clients is getting a $500 cash back!! Moving to an instant hot water service which is more efficient on energy and therefore the government love that.


Another big one is the power bills right, so if you join a large group of other individuals, electricity providers will fight to get your business. This is an independent initiative, filtered through channel 9, so you know there are no providers getting kickbacks. They are also offering this for health insurance. All you need to do is pop your name down and you get discounts, with the money you save you can buy a new hot water service! Power to the People.


Anglesea is running out of stock!!!!!! Quick hurry, buy while you can!


  • 240 Great Ocean Road
  • 14 Fairway Drive

Offers but not SOLD

  • 14 Fifth Avenue – on the market
  • 46-48 Eighth Avenue – on the market

Considering renting whilst you’re looking to purchase?  We have 3 great properties on the market for long term rental (12 months) and more coming up. Chat to Chloe North, Anglesea Property Manager.

  • 18 Ingram Road – $370 per week
  • 16 Niblick Street – $400 per week
  • 69 Seventh Avenue – $310 per week

Have a great weekend, look forward to seeing you at the open for inspections and private appointments.







Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager




  • 48 Fairway Drive, Anglesea 11.30 – 12PM $770,000
  • 14 Fifth Avenue, Anglesea 12.15 – 12.45pm $1,690,000 – $1,750,000


  • 14 Fifth Avenue, Anglesea 12.15 – 12.45pm $1,690,000 – $1,750,000
  • 48 Fairway Drive, Anglesea 1- 1.30pm                                    $770,000


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