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For anyone who has recently been enjoying the school holidays, this week has been an adjustment back into routine and chilly days. It’s the one time of the year that generally families/ anyone flees to warmth or complete opposite, the snow! For us on the coast, July is a month to strategically plan out the upcoming spring and summer, so whilst it appears very quiet, I particularly enjoy the chance to change direction, routine and be prepared for another super selling season. I’ve had a lot of buyers and prospective vendors asking me what’s happened to all the ‘Anglesea stock’ it’s pretty simple, we have sold it all! July is the one month of the year that this market slows down, mainly due to school holidays and buyers not being in usual routine, so they are not in the head space to purchase but also its cold and we are not thinking beach houses. However fear not, in two weeks’ time, it’s August and that means ‘pre-spring’ and stock will reappear! We are working on some fantastic properties and planning out campaigns now, stay tuned as we will let our data base buyers know first!

We continue to analyse the numbers and sale prices over the last 6 months and we would like to share more statistical data on sale prices.

There were several big prices in Point Roadknight – the most notable one was 48 Melba Parade, selling in February for $3,110,000. 1 Tenth Avenue, achieved a sale price over $2.1 and 5 First Avenue, we sold for $2,100,000 in two weeks.  Since then we have had several Point Roadknight properties selling over $1,400,000.

The most requested price bracket is still in the range of $600 – $800K and as you will see there were 18 sales, with the second highest selling bracket from $800 – $1 mill.  Still strong activity in the $1.2 – $1.6 with 12 sales.  We have kicked of July with a great sale in this price range.


$400,000 – $599,000 (land) 11
$600,000 – $799,000 18
$800,000 – $999,000 11
$1,000,000 – $1,199,000 3
$1,200,000 – $1,399,000 6
$1,400,000 – $1,599,000 6
$1,600,000 – $1,799,000 2
$1,800,000 – $1,999,000 2
$2,000,000 – $2,199,000 2
$2,200,000 – $2,399,000 1
$2,400,000 – $2,599,000 0
$2,600,000 – $2,799,000 0
$2,800,000 – $2,999,000 0
$3,000,000 – $3,199,000 1


This week I’d like to highlight recent vendors that have been exceptional community members, we actually settled on their property today. Dulcie and Brian have been living in Anglesea for over 50 years and incredibly generous souls. Dulcie has been volunteering at Anglesea aged care facility giving her time and beautiful spirit, she makes a ‘love quilt’ for every new resident, it’s a gorgeous patchwork rug that is given as a welcome gift to every person. It wasn’t until after I listed their house I realized that Dulcie had made one for my mum and it sits on her bed with pride.  Its people like Dulcie and Brian that make a community and small town so special and we thank them so much for what they have given.

We are also very fortunate that the purchasers of their property 42 Fraser Avenue, have listed their house with us for permanent rental, which will be up and running over the weekend.

Look forward to seeing you at the open for inspections and private appointments.







Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager



Saturday 21st July

48 Fairway Drive, Anglesea 12.00 – 12.30

46-48 Eighth Ave, Anglesea By Appointment

9,10/137-141 Great Ocean Road By Appointment

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