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I’m on fire this week……..

As it’s coming into colder weather, heating and how we warm our homes becomes a focus. And being Australians, it is also important to consider outdoor bbq’s, entertaining and the ambiance of relaxing outside around the ceremonial fire.

When spending time at home when it’s too chilly to brave heading out, there is nothing better than stocking up on wood and throwing a log on the fire. I find the whole process incredibly meditative, the flames, coals, colours, the constant changing space as the pieces burn through and the room glowing in heat. There are so many options to choose from but the main two are old traditional chimney open fires or slow combustion wood heaters. My favourite designer product which is a mixture of the two and such a feature statement is the suspended fireplace.

One of our iconic properties to stay along the coast is ‘The Pole House’ in Fairhaven. This special place has one of these fireplaces. Being in this room standing on top of the great ocean road and being surrounded by a whole coastline of waves, fresh air, sky, clouds, stars, sunshine & salt. If you have ever wanted to have a unique experience, staying here with your favourite person is a must do and so cosy in autumn / winter. You can check it out on our Great Ocean Road Realestate holiday website and book online or enquire through our Aireys Inlet office.

The Pole House – http://www.greatoceanroadholidays.com.au/accommodation/13

Suspended Fireplaces – http://oblica.com.au/

Fire Pits – http://www.jamieduriedesign.com/fire-pits/

There are some creative ways of making an outdoor room with built in seating and fire pit, rugging up and socialising around can evoke camping vibes. Sitting under the stars on a cool night and being completely toasty warm is such a lovely thing to do.

Cold winter days, I like to cook up delicious meals and have dinner with friends or bunkering in and watching movies or footy! It is a must at some stage in the day of course to get down and have a refreshing walk along the beach!

Being fire safe is a priority in Anglesea, so make sure you are across all the guidelines and protect this beautiful environment we live in.

Country Fire Authority – http://cfaonline.cfa.vic.gov.au/mycfa/Show?pageId=publicDisplayDoc&fname=2011/TPP-W-BSW-Anglesea-2_00_40141.pdf

We have 4 properties open for inspection this weekend and all of them have a beautiful demonstration and variety of open fires. Given its going to be chilly, come along and check them out!


5 Betleigh Street 1:00pm-1:30pm
176 Great Ocean Road 2:00pm-2:30pm


13 Bachli Court 1:00pm-1:30pm
43 Pickworth Drive 2:00pm-2:30pm

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