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For so long residents, home owners & visitors in Anglesea have had an opinion on the Alcoa coal mine. If you have been driving along the Great Ocean Road, you would have noticed the signs ‘Shut It Down’, well this week it became a reality.

The coal mine has been operating since 1961, so it has certainly been a part of the town and community for a long time. Aesthetically, having the large chimneys’ emitting pollutant sulphur dioxide didn’t fit in amongst the picturesque bush and ocean landscape. More importantly though there has been health and environmental concerns on the overall effects it was having to air, water, soil & wildlife.

The brown coal mine and power station closure is scheduled for August 31st after Alcoa failed to find a buyer due to an oversupplied market. Whilst the majority of the community see this as a positive outcome for Anglesea, the only down side is of course the 85 workers that are now unemployed. There has been a suggestion by Surf Coast Air Action spokesperson Andrew Laird, that these workers could be redeployed to help with the rehabilitation. Wouldn’t that just be a perfect scenario for all?

From our perspective as real estate agents, we can only see this increasing value to existing property owners and bring more buyers into the area. Anglesea has had a lot of media coverage this week and this has stirred up more enquiries and offers on homes.

Along with living in an incredibly beautiful place, for anyone that is considering purchasing or residing in Anglesea there is so much more on offer. The people of this town have demonstrated that they care and love the environment they live in so much and their efforts to fight for it have been rewarded. There is nothing like team spirit!

If you are considering buying or selling property in Anglesea, well worth considering adding value by installing solar panels just to reinforce the direction we are headed in a sustainable, efficient future.

The sun will be out this weekend, great time to be looking at property. Come along to our open for inspections or call us to arrange a private viewing.


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