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It is very tempting when presenting to potential vendors to tell them what they want to hear in the way of price for their property. In the industry we call this ‘Buying the Listing’ whilst it can be perceived as optimistic expectations, over priced homes can destroy the marketing campaign.

Whilst we don’t always get price positioning right, what we can do is be totally up front and honest throughout the sales process.  Making adjustments based on buyer feedback is crucial and the longer a property sits on the market without these, the more detrimental the outcome.

Buyers are so well educated and have incredible access to market statistics that as Real Estate agents we totally respect and value opinions. The best outcome we can hope for is multiple interested parties on a property as soon as possible.

The first two weeks of a home being listed on the internet always has the most amount of interest as buyers are waiting for ‘fresh’ stock to come onto the market.

This time of year for the coastal market means buyers can purchase and be in for summer. We have some excellent, quality homes. With no work to be done and beautifully presented, the opportunity is there for investment purposes and holiday rental being a real option. Our holiday accommodation manager Elise De Smet can offer an appraisal to rent out over the summer and don’t think it’s too late, we can turn things around quickly and have bookings coming in straight away.

  • 30 Belton Street  $780K
  • 22 Bon Air  $885K
  • 7 Hyland Court $650K

Have a great weekend, we look forward to seeing you at the open for inspections or by appointment.




Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager

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