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There are not many industries where you provide a service and don’t get paid until you generate a result. Days, Weeks, Months of constant work, time and effort being spent and dedicated to an outcome that satisfies the ‘customer’. A job that requires working 6-7 days a week and on the coast weekends (both Saturday and Sunday), that can take you away from your family, partner, children, friends even your dog!

Now times all that by 43 years!

Geoff Lewtas has been in Real Estate for all this time and for 37 years established in Anglesea. Sales and management can be tough anywhere, the pressure to constantly perform and where results are measured and accountable. There are many ups and downs and the ability of maintaining a reputation based on integrity, honesty, professionalism and reliability on a consistent level is a credit to him. Geoff has been able to do this whilst being an outstanding community member in this beautiful town.

The Lewtas family arrived in 1966 to run the newsagency which is where the current Pharmacy is today. Phil and Dorothy Lewtas ran the newsagency for 18 years. Geoff started his Real Estate Business in 1978 in the front of the newsagency and then moved to the current site of Great Ocean Road Real Estate, 91 Great Ocean Rd Anglesea. This was a fruit shop run by Peter & Grace Burrows, it had subsequent owners and was replaced with Geoff Lewtas Real Estate Agency.            

After having just had an extended break and long service leave, Geoff has decided to officially retire. He won’t be far away, enjoying more time on the golf course, looking after his adorable grandchildren and spending time with his wife Jan and children. Finally getting the chance to enjoy the special moments life has on offer. Geoff’s genuine love of Anglesea and its residents has meant that it’s been hard to walk away from work, however his now busy private life has taken pride of place.

All the Lewtass’ are blessed with an incredible nature – personal, friendly, caring, genuine and real. It’s been a wonderful experience getting to know them and working alongside them. The super good news for us here at Great Ocean Road Real Estate is we have Ian Lewtas and Nicole Lewtas here and we are not letting them go! Geoff will always be around too and available should you wish to discuss property with him, you may just have to do it walking around the course or having a cuppa down the street.

We are grateful to Geoff for his contributions to Anglesea, to Real Estate and for instilling best business practice to this industry.




Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager


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