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Welcome to Anglesea!

Don’t Panic! As soon as there is a slight variation to interest rates, the market goes into a bit of a frenzy predicting the property market is about to have a dramatic drop. The decision recently from all the banks to pass on a minor increase, created waves with consumers.

With mortgage rates being at the lowest in history and the Reserve bank deciding to keep things unchanged on ‘Cup Day’ there is still wonderful opportunities for property investment.

Lack of supply in Anglesea means there are plenty of buyers for vendors and in these situations interest rates do not have an effect.

We had so many visitors to the coast last weekend with the majority of Melbourne residents taking Monday off and enjoying a long weekend.  With the recent grand final public holiday, we have had a steady flow of busy weekends and we haven’t hit summer yet! It is all very positive however as always I do continue to stress that well educated buyers will not pay any more than what a property is worth and a property is only worth what a buyer will pay!

There has been road works on the great ocean road slowing things down and creating some traffic issues, which in turn has effected some local businesses. Once its completed it will be great and as locals we look forward to returning to the 2 minutes it takes to get from one side of Anglesea to the other. Every week when I  am in Melbourne and I sit in traffic – anywhere taking 45 minutes to get to, I rejoice in the very little time it takes to get from home to work, the shops, café and of course the beach!

We have also had some roads blocked off whilst Barwon Water is securing the water supply system to Aireys Inlet and Fairhaven as the existing water treatment plant reaches the end of its operational life.

The townships will be connected to the greater Geelong water supply network via an 11-kilometre pipeline from Anglesea.

The $6.6-million project also involves an upgrade to the pumping station on Harvey Street, Anglesea, and a top-up disinfection system in Aireys Inlet. Much of the infrastructure at the existing treatment plant will be removed.

Painkalac Reservoir will be maintained to ensure its ongoing safety and requirement to provide passing flows to Painkalac Creek.

Construction began in August 2015 and is due for completion in mid-2016. 

Look forward to seeing you at the open for inspections over the weekend. 


Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager



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