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Welcome to Anglesea!

Recently I took my lovely mum to see a very sweet Australian movie called ‘Oddball’. A true story of a dog that protected penguins from being destroyed by foxes because the numbers were diminishing rapidly. The project ended up being incredibly successful and what I loved about the movie was that it was located in Warrnambool not far from us. Along with the wonderful story and how incredible nature and the animal kingdom are, the spectacular coastline at the end made me feel so proud of where I live.

I mentioned this movie to a conservationist on the beach in Anglesea couple of days ago as he was telling me about the nests of hooded plovers that had been taken by foxes. It is breeding season again and these birds are so rare, bordering on extinction.  It is very hard to protect them as their nests are so vulnerable and they lay their eggs in the dunes along the beach. If you are walking along any of the beaches in Anglesea, be sure to keep your dog away and tread gently.

In the meantime, we may just come up with some clever and creative way to save them! The movie was a perfect demonstration of an idea that came about out of the blue and when implemented made a huge impact.

Another clever idea has been the creation of the ‘waves 2 woods music festival’ which is being held in Anglesea on 21st November 2015.  Live music. Craft beer and boutique wine. Organic produce. Yoga, family activities, meditation. The festival will focus on sustainability, making a difference, empowering one another to think about a green future, and making a positive impact on our lives and local community. http://www.weekendnotes.com/waves-2-woods-festival/

If you would like to come along, we can help you with accommodation, give Bec or Elise a call to secure something so you can enjoy this great event.

Looking forward to catching up with you over the weekend at the open for inspections or by private appointment.



Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager



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