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In August last year Alcoa closed its operation of the power station here in Anglesea, the community was generally in support of this decision from an environmental perspective. Of course we felt for the workers that lost their jobs however aside from that there has been mainly benefits to the town. Perhaps the 10-13% increase in property values and demand is one of them?

Most visitors to Anglesea are probably not aware that since Alcoa commenced operation in 1969, there has been 4.5 mega litres of treated bore water pumped into the Anglesea River every day. From this week onwards that water pumping will cease from the site. So what will happen to the river and will there be any effects? Time will tell but history tells me that the river has always been there and the future of the power station site may actually bring opportunity to put Anglesea on the map for creating a very positive outcome.

Local community and surf coast council will be wanting to achieve a solution that will perhaps deliver a sustainable future for Anglesea. The River is now a major priority for the town as it is an attribute not only aesthetically but for wild life and people enjoying the lifestyle that comes with it.

Water levels are predicted to drop by a metre but really no one knows and there are options of widening the river mouth to allow for more ocean to come through. More importantly though wouldn’t it be amazing to create a clean energy source for the site and of course along with that the water will be cleaner in the River too.

A few people watching the ABC News on Monday night saw me recommending a few ideas for the Power Station site…… for what it’s worth here they are and here is the link to the News report.

  • Solar panels, wind turbine – creating clean efficient energy
  • Dam or reservoir  – which when over flows will run into the River
  • Redeploy the worker that’s lost their jobs to work on regeneration of the site
  • Fill in the hole and turn it into a house and land estate……. Just kidding


ABC News – Monday 25th April 2016



One more week of School holidays and looks like the weather will be fab to enjoy the coast, so come on down before Autumn really starts to set in.  We still have plenty of holiday properties available to book, chat to Elise, Nicole and Bec so they can secure one for you.

I’m sure you have noticed, it’s getting darker in the mornings, day light savings commencing this weekend. Turn back your clock this coming Sunday!



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9 HOLMWOOD AVENUE, ANGLESEA – private sale $550,000




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