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I’ve recently had people asking me about companies that are advertising and promoting ‘vendor advocacy’. There is also a lot of ‘talk’ on social media sites…..What does it mean and how does it work?

These businesses are offering a service to vendors ‘at no charge’ to select top agents in an area to provide sales submissions to secure listing & representing a property for sale. They are perceived to understand a specific market place intimately and also eliminate the ‘grey’ areas of real estate.

To put it in perspective, I was recently engaged to pitch for business by one of these companies, the representative was heading to Anglesea to meet their client for the first time. They had never been here before and called me on the way to seek directions & give a quick rundown on the market place. For their ‘expertise’ they certainly don’t charge the vendor however wanted 50% of my commission for the referral. Needless to say, upon understanding the process decided it was misleading for the vendor. Yes vendors do get to choose who they work with but I guess if strong ethical agents are reluctant to work with companies like this, then are they really getting the best and true leaders in an area to select from?

There are no short cuts to selecting a professional, hardworking agent.  Here are my tips for selecting any business that you would like to potentially engage to work for you?

–          Do your research

–          Positive referrals from consumers that have experienced the service, ask for testimonials and call them… like interviewing someone for a job!

–          Go to reputable business sites like ‘LinkedIn’ and check out their career & background

–          Social media sites like  ‘instagram’ and ‘facebook’

–          Google – is amazing for bringing up information about companies or individuals

–          For real estate, checking out the ‘sold’ section on major websites, to see who is strong in an area. Also sites like ‘Rate My Agent’ will provide a good guideline too

–          Rapport – sometimes it’s a matter of following your instincts! Your home is a very personal space and making sure you feel comfortable with your selection can be a huge factor.

Ian Lewtas and I both live in Anglesea because we absolutely love the area. Nothing beats total passion and commitment for what we do and that will always shine through.


See you at the open for inspections or any property by appointment.



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