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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!

If you have ever wanted to go for a surf and a ski on the same day, then this is the weekend for it….. Check out these amazing, beautiful images from this afternoon down the coast where it has been snowing!!! 















Thought it was timely to think about energy with all this chill factor going on, if you are considering making some positive changes to your property there can be some very minor simple things to do. There is a fantastic government scheme where an electrician will come to your house and swap over down lights for FREE!!! They remove old globes and put in LED ones, which will save you money on your electricity bills and better for the environment …. There are plenty of places to call, you can simply google ‘government scheme for LED lighting’. We have had a few property owners that have used this company in Anglesea, so why not give them a call and see if you comply.

http://www.energymakeovers.com.au/can-i-have-free-lights/ ph: 1800 855 492

If you really want to make a difference to your home or business then solar could be the way forward. Perhaps you already have panels or recently purchased a home with them and not sure how they work or operate then we can highly recommend:

http://www.greenenergyoptions.com.au/   Aaron Lewtas ph: 0402 931 872 located on the surf coast. If you recognise the surname well yes he is very much a part of our ‘family’ here at Great Ocean Road Real Estate.

There are also some fantastic community groups that I will keep you informed about and keep you up to date with events and information sessions.  We are super keen to make Anglesea a 100% renewable area in the future, wouldn’t that be an incredible compliment to the surroundings we are lucky enough to live in.

Surf Coast Energy Group http://sceg.org.au/

Anglesea Community Energy


Stay warm, Chill Out and enjoy the school holidays or day trips to the coast. See you at the open for inspections or any property by appointment.



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