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Happy New Financial Year!!!

I snuck into Melbourne yesterday to see my lovely mum and got so caught up in the sales. I was of course buying a few items for her and did what I do at Christmas…. One gift for her and one for me!

Anyway, I’m pleased we don’t have any more purchasing pressure or stress about what we should or shouldn’t be doing end of financial year, it is a great time to review & renew our focus and goals for the next 6-12 months. Probably like most people in business, particularly with a sales perspective our mind tends to operate in seasonal blocks. Whilst I’m toasting my toes at the moment, I’m already talking to people about spring and summer.  Planning ahead is key to make sure you are maximising your objectives.

We had a panic for about one week, where we thought the world economy was again going to blow up with BREXIT! And as of this week the markets corrected and people don’t have to worry about dramatic property price drops, superannuation, interest rates or share prices. In fact interesting that there could in fact be a positive shift with Europe considering Australia as an alternative source to the UK, wouldn’t that be great if exporting went up bringing more revenue into the country.

In amongst the momentary freak out, watching a graph of money going up and down, it does highlight the value of having a tangible asset like property. Anglesea still represents absolutely incredible value, so forget what’s going on with the rest of the worlds market and get into this one before you regret it!

I’m a glass half full kind of girl, speaking of which – I had better think about getting home to my guests that are preparing my dinner and pouring me a glass of wine. I love school holidays & my gorgeous friends. (this is called beach house benefits) Thank you & enjoy!


Happy Voting


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