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There is no doubt if you are a purchaser, you’re frustrated there is not enough stock to select from at the moment. Trust us we also feel awful having great relationships with purchasers, many we have actually sold for, knowing they are cashed up and ready to go and we don’t have the right property to refer into.

Also very relevant if you are a buyer is to understand how important your feedback is to an agent & in turn a vendor, regarding pricing. A property is only ever worth what someone is willing to pay for it, so if a house has been on the market for too long, price is the first thing that is generally the problem. Of course there are other factors, location, style, condition etc

As a vendor that is going through the process of engaging real estate agents, there are some very important tips to selection that is crucial to the success of a campaign.

I particularly love these 3 points from Tom Panos, who is a real estate coach and expert! Have a listen to his advice via the clip. Here they are to summarise.

1. Don’t select an agent that tells you the highest price for your property. Overpriced properties don’t sell and again as mentioned the market will determine the selling price. Buyers – always ask an agent to present an offer in writing to the vendors… you have nothing to lose!

2. Marketing and advertising is imperative to successfully generating interest and creating competition. ‘you can’t sell a secret’. In Anglesea there are so many buyers based outside the area that internet is a must! Vendors don’t think twice about insuring their car but reluctant to spend on their biggest asset and making sure it sells.

3. Don’t select the ‘cheapest ‘agent, which means don’t go with someone that has the lowest commission fee, as they clearly don’t value their own ability.  The important factors to selection are the best negotiation skills, track record, data base of buyers and sales strategy.

Hammering bad agents & vendors who make mistakes (3mins) 


It’s so hard as an agent to walk away from business, interesting that I have come up against these very situations myself recently. I had a potential vendor that told me to cut out the marketing costs, change the strategy and drop my rate to get the business…… which I didn’t! Sometimes it’s not about the agent that has the most listings but the one that can guarantee exclusivity and dedication.

Good news is that I also won a listing when the price was lower than the competition, however realistic. The strategy and approach was detailed and committed to success.

I hope these tips are relevant to both buyers and sellers and it assists with the process overall.


Properties can be inspected by private appointment, so feel free to arrange a time that suits if you are unable to get to the advertised open for inspection time.

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