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Only 2 weeks until Spring! We seem to say this every year but how quickly do the months fly by?  Just this week I feel like it’s getting lighter in the morning and not so dark at the end of the day, won’t be long and we’ll be swimming again. There is nothing more invigorating than jumping in the ocean however along with that refreshing feeling, most people have two major worries when it comes to the water. The capability of knowing your own limitations for safety and of course the fears that come with creatures of the sea…. More specifically ‘sharks’.

I have always been a confident swimmer and one of the reasons I wanted to live near the ocean is being able to embrace it every day.  I have never been fearful or even really thought about ever coming face to face with ‘Jaws’ but I must admit after seeing the footage of Mick Fanning being knocked off his surf board last year, I think it gave us all a reality check how it can happen.

This week I was alerted to an invention that might make anyone who surfs regularly or likes to swim out into the deep water, feel a bit more relaxed about enjoying the ocean. Check out this site for information.


I couldn’t possibly talk about swimming without focusing on the Olympic highlight of the week, Kyle Chalmers the 18 year old from Adelaide who won Gold in the 100m freestyle event. What a wonderful story, a high school student that was looking strong as an AFL footballer & decided to spend more time swimming for fitness. I loved seeing the entire school watching his win and the excitement around his incredible achievement.

There has been some wonderful activity along the coast with Whales, so if you would like to see these beautiful creatures enjoying the water and having a swim, you can be alerted to sightings by signing up on this website.


May your weekend be filled with a little bit of water magic!

We have been working on some great listings, which we can tell you about in the coming weeks….

Properties can be inspected by private appointment, so feel free to arrange a time that suits if you are unable to get to the advertised open for inspection time.





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