Our Backyard – Anglesea and Torquay

I really didn’t want to talk election again this week, however I must say after having a patriotic morning watching so much footage of historical moments with the passing of Bob Hawke, I’m filled with a rush of ‘Australian’ emotions through my veins.

First and foremost, I have to say looking back in time what has been a real stand out for me are the qualities of true leadership and what makes a good leader. Honesty, being raw, backing of their team, staff and making monumental decisions that can have a huge impact and ultimately be life changing. Whilst now Bob Hawke would be considered ‘politically incorrect’ on many levels, ultimately he was genuine and real & we loved him floors and all for wearing his heart on his sleeve and being at one with the people. His lines didn’t appear to be rehearsed and twisted and turned, his sentences weren’t structured when being interviewed and he talked openly. In saying all that he was a super clever man and what he implemented still stands for us today. This kind of leadership is pretty rare and I think what motivates anyone in business, in life or in politics is to feel inspired by people that can make a difference, so that in turn we can make one too.

This weekend a good friend of mine Laura, who decided to leave her career in Media and study law whilst caring for her two kids and husband, is staying with me over the weekend. She will be one amongst many including our own Karen Stribling (another amazing working mum) who will be participating in the marathon taking place on the weekend.  The great ocean road will be blocked for periods of time, so worthwhile understanding the closures if you’re planning on travelling the coast this weekend.  Our company is a sponsor of this wonderful event and along with the marathon, it also highlights music and wellness with many great activities and acts from Lorne to Apollo Bay.


We can’t forget another enlightening event on this weekend – Eurovision song contest with the Australian entrant – Kate Miller Heidke, check out her awesome performance here and let’s hope she’s a winner along with everyone else that is tail blazing across our own backyard and Country,


I look forward to talking more property and legislation specifics with you next week.

Have a lovely weekend! enjoy the sunshine and we look forward to seeing you at the open for inspections or private appointments.








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