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Just writing today’s date has increased my heart rate considerably as the reality materialises of what needs to be achieved in the in the next few days, both professionally and personally. I’m not alone, everyone I speak to finds this time of year bitter sweet with all the additional pressure to deliver a perfect Christmas day and holiday for their friends and family. It’s literally a race to the finish line and then falling in a heap to recover from all the rushing around, bigger workloads, crazy deadlines, less sleep, more food, drinking & the real killer, spending cash. My biggest problem is the amount of presents I’m finding for myself whilst shopping for others, one for them, one for me!

We have seen an increase in early holiday check ins this year, with people deciding to have a beach Christmas day which has a couple of benefits, main one being it’s pretty special to be able to wake up and have an ocean swim on the day and then not move from the area. Not having to jump in the car and feel the need to visit multiple people automatically makes the day more enjoyable as you really get to embrace the spirit of sitting in the moment instead of clock watching and sense of obligations.

By far the biggest day on the roads traditionally for the coast is Boxing Day as everyone heads to beach houses and the official start of a holiday break. With the weather shaping up to be absolutely perfect, we should also see a load of visitors also heading to the coast, which means more traffic on the roads. Funnily enough it’s the same every year, not many people plan ahead and jump in the car early to escape the bumper to bumper and hours of sitting in a hot car! Holidaying early definitely has its perks!

We head into summer with close to 30 properties for sale, so the team look forward to seeing you over the coming month at open for inspections and private appointments. When we’re not selling or attending to guests in our holiday properties, we will be enjoying a refreshing beverage at the Rusty Anchor Bar in Point Roadknight, which launches Thursday 27th December on the day of the Roo Run event! We are incredibly proud major sponsor of this amazing event http://www.roorun.com.au/

Whilst we have so many visitors on our coastline, this is also a great time for considering a lifestyle change. I have spoken to so many purchasers one year after they secured a beach house and by far the biggest comment is the exceptional change to their overall health and well being, it has been life changing!

Here are my key tips for summer for sellers and purchasers!

Negotiating tips for buyers!

There has never been a better time for buyers to negotiate on property, for so long it has been considered a ‘vendors’ market. With a slight shift in the market I can highly recommend these few points

–          Make a time to sit down with the agent and write up your offer on a contract of sale and vendor statement / sec 32

–          If you’re worried about your finance – make the offer conditional to ‘a loan’ utilising the subject to finance clause

–          In a coastal area with bush and trees its worth also making your offer subject to a ‘building and pest inspection’ this will give you peace of mind that the house your buying is in good condition or alert you to any work that needs to be undertaken

Why declutter? Property presentation – cheat notes for a one day make over!

–          If you have a view, don’t block it! move furniture away from windows & make sure your placement is maximising the feature of the room

–          Buy big plastic tubs with lids, and put all of your ornaments and personal items in them and store it away, you can deal with it later when you sell your house!

–          Take all personal photos off the walls, buyers need to focus on the house not your life, they need to visualise themselves living there

Buying at Auction!

–          Have your finance approved!

–          Stand up the front and be confident, your body language is super important to deposition other bidders

–          My biggest tip is to actually put your hand up and bid. The last personal to place a bid will be the buyer that has the exclusive right to negotiate & will most likely be the one that secures the property.


From all of us at Great Ocean Road Real Estate Anglesea, we wish you an ocean full of joy, sunny days, warm nights, light conversations and time out to embrace what’s truly important and special in your world. Take care in the water, on the roads and of each other.

Blessings and Love – Merry Christmas xx






Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager

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