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I recently let you know about a couple of community meetings undertaken by Alcoa to generate feedback on the proposed plans of ‘Eden Project Anglesea’. We received a letter today, keeping us informed on the outcome and response from locals.  More than 800 people, mostly residents attended engagement events in May and June and over 3000 responded online.

The feedback was overwhelmingly supportive of the concept, whilst raising a variety of issues, themes and questions, which included the following:

  • the many benefits that Eden Project Anglesea would offer, including showcasing the environmental significance of the region, world-class sustainability and education opportunities and benefits to the local economy and jobs;
  • excitement about partnership opportunities with community organisations and businesses;
  • a desire for more information about the concept design as is develops and a strong call to continue engagement with Traditional Owners; and
  • a number of concerns were constructively raised, including the potential increase in traffic and impacts on Anglesea’s character and lifestyle

It’s important to note, they are still very much in the concept phase and working through understanding what the local community and key stakeholders want, need and hope to achieve from the project.

This month Eden Project Chief Executive David Harland and landscape architect Jane Knight are returning to Anglesea for further community discussions and research. They will also be presenting at the next Alcoa Community Consultation Network meeting on 12th August at 6-8pm at the Anglesea Senior Citizens Club.

In addition to community support, Alcoa and Eden project need to resolve the Mine Rehabilitation and Closure Plan, water strategy and determine the planning authority and framework moving forward.

To check out the full community feedback report and to gain more understanding you can go to www.edenprojectanglesea.com.au

As I have mentioned previously, I love the whole concept of this project and believe it will add enormous value to our town and community. More importantly, for existing property owners and potential buyers, this will add value and demand for properties, which in turn means growth and abundance!

Looking forward to seeing you at the open for inspections or private appointments. Have a truly wonderful weekend.


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Kellie Saddington

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Open For Inspections







Saturday 03 August 

66 Murray Street, Anglesea 12:00 – 12:30

210 Great Ocean Road, Anglesea 1:00 – 1:30

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