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Its Grand Final week & I’m a Tigers supporter so bear with me whilst I tell my favourite story of the week, about passion, perseverance and determination for success within a team! I absolutely love seeing people shine before your very eyes and then wondering where they came from and how they got to where they are now. Having worked in sales environments most of my life and a Victorian, I’ve heard many sporting analogies of people who stand out through their shear will to progress and succeed. Throughout my career in advertising, I had a manager that played ‘eye of the tiger – survivor’ super loud before our sales meetings to rev us up & get our hearts beating, there is no doubt about it, he was a frustrated footy coach! His son now runs one of the biggest advertising agencies in Australia and started with us at the time in promotions working from the ground up, so clearly his father’s mentoring worked for him.

My favourite player only a few years ago was Ivan Maric, he now no longer plays, however he did introduce his cousin Ivan Soldo to the Tigers.  Solos’ parents are Croatian, his dad one of 14 and his mum one of 11, he has 36 first cousins just on his mums’ side! Croatian was his first language growing up in Canberra. He played basketball and soccer when he was younger, but never played a game footy! It was Maric that really introduced him to the game and Richmond signed him only 5 years ago, apparently in training sessions, he was literally being taught how to kick a drop punt! He made his debut in 2017 and only became a senior regular the back half of this year. Soldo is now holding the number one ruck spot in the team! At age 23 and 6-foot-8, he has come a long way in a short time, 12 senior games this year and this week playing in the Grand Final!

Should the Tigers win on Saturday, It will be Maureen Hafey who will be presenting the premiership cup to Damien Hardwick and Trent Cotchin. My beautiful mum was close to Maureen in the early tiger years as my father was assistant coach to Tom Hafey in the early 70’s for Richmond. She would tell stories of Tom always being with the women having a chat and drinking tea at functions, whist the rest of the players were off drinking beer! Hafey was an incredible athlete and strong disciplined person, I can remember seeing him in his 70’s still swimming in the bay before day break!

I think in life whether it’s your passion for sport, work, lifestyle, family, friends or property! The road isn’t always easy and it’s through commitment, being clear on your goals and riding the waves to make sure you achieve them. Being focused on the end game and not buying in to the ones that try and bring you down, most of life is a choice and negotiation is certainly a big part of the journey.

If you really want something, you can get it! Even in real estate, I’ve seen many buyers and sellers lose out in negotiation because ego got in the way of getting the deal done. If you really want the house & can afford it, buy it!  Don’t walk away over a minimal amount for a house that will fulfil your dreams and set up your future. This is very true of any situation, being able to choose your battles and making the ones that mean everything to you count.

One of my favourite sayings ever is ‘don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle happens’

 Looking forward to seeing you at the open for inspections or private appointments. Have a lovely weekend.

Go Get Em Tiger!


Kellie Saddington

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Friday 27th September

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