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A perfect warm summer week, the ocean has looked bluer than blue and the sunshine warmer than warm… it was a lovely reminder of the season ahead and how beautiful the coast is.  Along with the beach there are so many activities to embrace in in our stunning environment.

Anglesea and Torquay are both renowned for having excellent golf courses, I’m not a golfer myself but the people I know that are, have a healthy addiction to the sport. Having a regular group to play with & being outdoors is a lovely habit to have. This week I’m paying homage to ‘Ian Lewtas’ – he worked in real estate in Anglesea for over 30 years and has been playing golf every week for the last 50 years!!!! On Wednesday, he finally got a hole in one…. Each week when he came into the office, I would say how did you go, he would reply ‘so close but not a hole in one’ everyone he has ever played with seemed to get one but never him. Congratulations Ian – we are so happy for you!!

We proudly support the Anglesea Motor Yacht Club (along with the Anglesea Golf Club), they have been trying to get approval for an upgrade to the Club for the last 8 years.  Wes Smith is the commodore and incredibly committed to the club, he has donated so much of his time to running this wonderful facility. Wes along with a few key members with strong business backgrounds have endured many road blocks from various departments and authorities to get progress on building plans. In 2016 they were issued with an Interim Coastal Consent by Department of Environment, Water, Land & Planning (DEWLP) – they needed a Coastal Consent to apply for a Planning Application Permit from Surf Coast Shire (SCS). The interim Consent had 23 requirements, many of which they felt were unreasonable.

In May this year they lodged an official complaint against DEWLP and its processes with the state Ombudsman’s Office (OO). This led to an investigation, some high level meetings, some prompt actions, and assurances that the application would be reviewed for a positive outcome. They also leveraged some high profile contacts and met with local and federal politicians.

Throughout the year they also worked closely with the landlord, Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC), to address many of the issues and with its assistance, have now completed a long list of outcomes including a number of detailed management plans ranging from impact studies, vegetation, traffic, water & drainage, through to climate change, Cultural Heritage and so on.

Following a successful outcome from their complaint to the OO they met with the three authorities and obtained an agreement and finally they will be able to progress the upgrade in April/May next year. Plans were submitted for Planning Application with SCS this week, which is a major step forward.

I congratulation Wes and the team that tirelessly work on providing a wonderful facility for Anglesea to enjoy. The Rusty Anchor Bar that runs over the summer is a fantastic place for friends, travellers, holiday guest and members to meet and connect. The Yacht club runs programs for kids and families to safely enjoy the ocean and our coastline. The anglers club has also been created this year again connecting people.

We need people like Wes and his partner Judy all the committee members that fight for our community and make Anglesea a special place to enjoy our lifestyle. Thank you!


  • 8 Seventh Avenue, Anglesea – Private Sale $1,250,000
  • 445 Wensleydale Station Road, Wensleydale – $1,275,000 – $1,375,000


  • 8 Sparrow Avenue, Anglesea
  • 12 Wray Street, Anglesea

Looking forward to seeing you at the open for inspections or private appointments. Have a lovely long weekend.


Kellie Saddington

Ph: 0488 980 994


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