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They say three days prior to a full moon and three days after can have the same powerful vibrations as the actual full moon day, which is coming up on Sunday 26th August. Big changes always take place around this time and sometimes people can make dramatic decisions about their future! It’s traditionally a great time to let go of the past and focus on new beginnings. This upcoming full moon is in Pisces, which is my sign and of course represents the ocean and calm waters (also fish swimming in opposite directions)! We also had the end of mercury retrograde on the 18th August so overall a lot going on in a week! With spring fast approaching all I can say is bring on the fresh and new. Whilst I certainly won’t bore you with my political opinions of the Australian Government, a new Prime Minister and a possible impending election, what I can tell you is usually big upheavals like this can impact the public and business and decisions around buyer behaviour. However, Australians unfortunately have been subjected to ridiculous government changes and many of them over the last decade! Statistics have actually shown that Australians have incredible resilience and just carry on and get on with it, they live their life, business as usual, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move on! So in respect to real estate, don’t feel any unease with making decisions about buying or selling under the current climate. Overall this country even with its downfalls is still abundant with so many wonderful attributes, none more so than the 25 million people that make up this beautiful place. It’s easy to get bogged down in the negative but all you need to do is embrace the sunshine, the surf and have faith that the majority of your fellow country women and men are on the same page. (Except 43 in parliament)

As an agent when I present to a prospective vendor to represent the sale of their home, initially their decision is based on ‘the cost of marketing and the cost of commission’. We know there is so much more to it than that, it’s about tailoring a campaign strategy to use depending on the property, the price, the position and vendors personal circumstances with the view of generating the appropriate outcome based on all of those things but also the historical results of the agent. I have watched closely the brand ‘purple bricks’ which is a one size fits all price and campaign for every property. Their advertising has been around ‘no commission’ which is not exactly accurate as they charge a fixed fee commission, the brand and company has not had the market penetration it anticipated, leaked national sales figures said Purple Bricks brought in less than 30 per cent of its targeted listings last June and currently running in the black.

I believe that whether you’re running the country or running a listing for a client, every single person truly wants clear communication, transparency an understanding of individual needs and basic respect. Let’s leave the games at the MCG!

Have a wonderful weekend, if you’re looking to buy or sell please let us know and we will do our best to generate a result for you, we like to talk!








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