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There is no doubt that this week, every person in Australia has felt the impact of the fires and devastation going on in 3 states of this country. Every day, heart breaking stories of people losing their lives, their homes and animals. As I sat watching the news at my home, I looked out to the stunning environment, being surrounded by bush & it has made me revisit ‘my plan’ should this happen to us on the coast. We simply cannot turn a blind eye to the current situation and not fully understand what we need to do to prepare so we can stay alive, protect our properties and save our community.

We constantly reinforce very simple measures to property owners to keep their homes up to date. If everyone actioned these items being in a bush fire zone, then we are potentially eliminating the sort of nightmares that are happening interstate.

Being in coastal towns and managing over 1200 properties along the coastline, we not only feel responsible for our owner’s properties but also the guests that stay and may be unfamiliar with process and procedures. With incredible trades people on hand, we have the recourses to assist all property owners in preparing for the upcoming summer and whilst we are not exactly experiencing weather right now that is anyway feeling threatening, all that can change in a week!

Please find the below link to a fantastic guide from the CFA – ‘your guide to property preparation’ which outlines detailed steps to keep your property safe.


If you live on the coast, it’s also super important to have a take away box with the items you need to grab, all you need for identification – passports, etc – precious items, photos, change of clothes, sentimental things but more than anything, get out (and your pets) and stay safe if the authorities instruct to do so. Download the ‘vic emergency’ app to your phone if you haven’t done so already.

For anyone that is a current owner in the area, we would be more than pleased to advise you of local contacts, gardeners for cutting branches and clearing the land, plumbers and roofers for clearing gutters, general maintenance to clear decks and rubbish lying around shed & garages. 

I’ve been out to many properties this week undertaking appraisals etc and not one of them has really been safe and in keeping with bushfire safety guidelines.  With only 4-6 weeks until our high peak time, please use this window of opportunity to action what you need to and please remember we are here to help as much as we can.

Take care out there.

All of our properties can be viewed by private inspection outside of the advertised open for inspection times.

Have a great weekend.


Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager

Ph: 0488 980 994


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