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As we head into the most hectic week of the year, its easy to feel overwhelmed by the list of things we still need to get done before the big day! Completeing tasks at work, shopping for presents and food to fill the fridge, preparing for holidays, cleaning the house, getting spare rooms ready for guests & all whilst trying to put time aside to ‘relax’ and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

Understandably stress levels are heightened and lets face it people get cranky! The frustration of not getting through those lists & work loads that just don’t seem to ease up, mean longer days to less time to get things done. Throw in a heat wave on top, just to make getting around a tad more difficult, but more so seeing Australia go through the hottest temperatures ever on record this week & relentless fires tearing our country apart.

Its important that we take the time out for a moment and remember what this special time of year is all about and its pretty basic, to show appreciation, to demonstrate love and to think about people who are less fortunate. There is nothing like a slap of reality to highlight how sometimes our mind needs to shift.

This year has not been an easy one for our team in the office and I have to praise the incredible staff I am very grateful to have working in the Anglesea Branch. As we head into our biggest 4 weeks of the year, they will be tirelessly working away to make sure everyone around us has a wonderful holiday. Its common for people to complain about pretty simple things like grains of sand being on a floor in a holiday property, a cob web in a corner, a house not being as close the water as they would have liked! But what we do find is that once relaxation kicks in, the focus shifts to the stunning beaches we have, the environment we live in and how lucky we are to have what we have.

We have our health, we are alive right! Not many people would know this, but Sharlene who is our office manager suffered for literally years of bad headaches and not feeling well. Finally she pushed for an MRI and they discovered a large brain tumor attached to her brain stem, she was a ticking time bomb for a stroke or worse. Sharlene underwent 9 hours of brain surgery to remove the tumor, which thankfully went very well. It was three months off work and then easing her back in, as a result of surgery she has lost hearing in one ear and also her taste. If you met Sharlene you would never know the trauma she has endured this year, she is an incredibly strong woman with a get on and get the job done attitutude. Even myself I have to think that realistically shes still in recovery and because she has never once complained, have to pull myself up from loading her up with too much – except for the last few weeks!!

As a team we have had to pull together, there have been changes to staff and positions but we have united and become stronger for what we have been through. My approach to adversity is to be better, deliver more, strive a little harder for success, fight for what is right & eliminate negativity, to always see the rainbow not the rain.

So a very big thank you to my team in Anglesea, to our extended team – all the contractors that work on our properties, whether preparing them for sale, maintaining them for tenants and keeping them shining for our holiday guests & owners. Thank you to our wonderful clients for your loyalty and support and allowing us to care for your lifestyle assest.

In amongst all the work, we still encourage everyone to join us for a chilled beverage over the summer at our favourite venue, the Rusty Anchor bar – Anglesea Motor Yacht Club at Point Roadknight beach. On the 27th the Roo Run will take place and the official launch of the seaon. We are super proud of our sponsorhip of this club and event and it’s a great place to meet new friends and get amongst our community. More importantly take a moment to be present, leave the year behind and look towards a new beginning.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday, a very Merry Christmas and special times with your favourite humans and pets over the coming week. Chill, Breathe and Enjoy.

Love from all of us in the Anglesea Branch xx

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