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As the new moon eclipse set in last night, it was a perfect time to set intentions for the upcoming year ahead. A time of reflection and time to plan out how you want to live your life, there is never a better moment to think about what makes you feel good and release what doesn’t. The upcoming week has the sun shining brightly for everyone on the coast and whilst it’s super busy, sometimes just an hour to sit on your own and hear a crashing wave, listen to the birds, read a magazine or feel the warmth of the rays on your skin can invigorate your soul and allow your higher conscienceness to connect with your spirit.

If you’re in the market looking to purchase a beach house, we have so many great options in various price brackets, so the year ahead for you could start perfectly with an ocean full of relaxing times ahead.

The last 12 months in the property market certainly have been a little all over the place with external forces that impacted our winter. There was so much uncertainty and reservations, but as we are now experiencing, all that doom and gloom has been taken over by a much more positive end to the year.

  • Federal Election
  • Royal Commmission into the banking sector
  • Global Climate change – natural disasters
  • USA / China trade
  • ASX – trends, leaving the year on a high
  • Property sales back on track and growth

Lets see what the year ahead brings, one thing you can control is your health and wellbeing. More than ever people put so much pressure on themselves, we hope that a shift both physically and mentally delivers wonderful outcomes for you.

One thing we can help you with is a lifestyle change… whether its buying or selling property, holidaying in one of our many properties or leasing a new home! Tell us what you’re after and let us give you a hand.

From all of us at the Anglesea Branch, we wish you a restful week ahead.  Happy New Year, Magical beginnings await.

See you at the Rusty Anchor Bar tonight! Cheers

Kellie Saddington

Ph: 0488 980 994


Open For Inspection

Saturday 28th December 

60 Niblick St 10.30 – 11.00

70 Niblick St 11.00 – 11.30

4 Donald Ave 11.30 – 12.00

31 Great Ocean Road 12.15 – 12.45

10/141 Great Ocean Road 1.00 – 1.30

8 Seventh Ave 2.00 – 2.30

210 Great Ocean Road 2.45 – 3.15

25 Second Ave 3.30 – 4.00 

Sunday 29th December

60 Niblick St 10.30 – 11.00

4 Donald Ave 11.30 – 12.00

31 Great Ocean Road 12.15 – 12.45

8 Seventh Ave 1.30 – 2.00

25 Second Ave 2.30 – 3.00

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