Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

When I made the decision to move to Anglesea over 6 years ago now, it was for several reasons. The main one being to remove myself from a lifestyle so busy, that the focus had shifted from everything that was super important and precious to me. It was time to change my life and appreciate the beauty not only for my environment but also to ensure I had quality time with the people I loved the most.

With the world now on hold, everyone is experiencing these shifts and being more present and, in the moment, things that we had taken for granted previously, now so very valued. I have heard so much recently how blessed I am to be living in lock down in such a stunning place and how lucky I was to be able to walk on the beach and breathe in fresh air. For that I am eternally grateful.

The other reason I moved to the coast was because my beautiful mum had been diagnosed & struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and I wanted to bring her into a community filled with caring people I knew. I was so fortunate I was able to do that, and she was being looked after so well at Anglesea Aged Care, only a minute away from me, so we could spend such special moments together.

My gorgeous mum lost her battle with that awful disease on the 7th April. I was called into the nursing home and was right beside her for the last 5 days of her life, holding her close and letting her know it was fine to be free of suffering. I cannot thank the Anglesea community and staff of the nursing home that cared for her so well enough, all I can think of is that she was certainly in the right place in her final years & I have always referred to Anglesea as Angel Sea. I am also very thankful of the support I have had from my team and company. My friends and loved ones have struggled so much, in this current world where I cannot see them or hug them. It has been very strange to not have my closest people around me; the messages and love has been overwhelming.

I have a house filled with flowers and incredible love and support. I have the ocean, the sunshine, the birds, and butterflies & an environment that is incredibly stunning to sit and absorb. I have had time to reflect on decisions I have made, which in the end were absolutely the right ones. My heart will certainly be broken for the loss of my divine mum, the healing energy of people and places will make that journey just a little gentler though.

Kind regards

Kellie Saddington 

Patricia Saddington – resting peacefully with love xx

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