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 What a stunning day!

It is so lovely to get some sunshine and warmth, which makes it even more appealing to get outside and enjoy some level of exercise. To keep myself balanced, each morning I do a little bush walk and then head to the beach for a walk and meditation. I stop and listen to the crashing waves wash upon the shore and focus on a steady breath, for the first time in a long time I have been able to do this without a million things running through my mind. This slowing down of our usually hectic lifestyles is having health benefits we had not foreseen.

Everyone I know seems to be out enjoying bike riding amongst other routines and retailers of bicycles are one of those benefiting from the current environment. One thing I have noticed when I am out exercising is that everyone seems to be smiling as there is a real sense of gratitude and kindness and that is just so lovely to see.

As we battle this isolation, I cannot help but feel this is in some way a modern-day version of war we are feeling, timely given tomorrow is Anzac Day. More than ever I think each and everyone of us can empathize for the men and women that sacrificed so much and fought to provide us with this great country. As we know, it was in fact soldiers that worked so hard on building the Great Ocean Road, which is now considered the most spectacular scenic coastline in the world. Ironic though that because we are doing all we can to reduce the impact of Covid -19 by ‘staying home’ we are unable to traditionally give thanks to the Anzacs for our freedom. Lovely idea however to get up early and carry out a new tradition, whether that be standing in your driveway at 6am or simply lighting a candle and watching the sun rise.

From a property perspective, there has never been a better time to spend working on your home. Cleaning windows, garden make overs, that filing that you never had time to do, sorting and throwing out things you do not need. That shed/garage for the first time ever will have everything in its place. The feeling of being organized will have great benefits for the year ahead.

Ben Jackson had a fantastic off market sale in Point Roadknight, so there is still definitely activity going on. We have been face timing / virtual inspections along with private inspections – which are actually fine to do, just no more than two people in the property at the one time.

Feel free to get in touch to arrange this, as we are super flexible on time.  

Enjoy your weekend. Take care & be safe

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