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Living on the coast, we tend to be very aware about looking after the ocean and the whole plastic issue going on in the world. Some of the images we are seeing of waste ending up in waterways, then ultimately going into the sea, destroying marine life is nothing short of horrifying. The local community have been supporting ‘plastic free’ for so long and anyone that visits many towns along the coast like Anglesea, know that for years when you go to the local retailers or supermarkets you have to take your own bags, grab a cardboard box or buy a paper bag.  It’s pretty heartbreaking to see the major supermarket brands going back on their promise of limiting plastic bags, I don’t really understand how shoppers can complain about having this progressive change implemented which will ultimately make our planet so much more beautiful.  Is there anything worse than going for a swim and seeing a plastic bag swimming in the water next to you! I feel really proud of anyone that lives on the coast and has been doing their bit for the environment for so long. If you ever forget your bag, you know you’re welcome to call into any of our offices and grab a recycle one anytime.

Speaking of local retailers, the Mitre 10 in Anglesea is in the process of closing, shutting its doors at the end of the month. As they are clearing stock, it’s a great opportunity to pop in and purchase any goods including al the timber and building materials at discounted prices. So if you’re in the middle of renovating or thinking about it, why not make the most of it. The site itself will be vacant for approx. 18 months and we are looking for potential ‘pop up’ retailers to utilise this space. Please let me know if you have a business you would like to set up in this space?

I’ve mentioned recently that we are working on sales stock and there will be some movement and new listings coming onto the market leading up to spring, which is only 4 weeks away!!! The next two weeks still fairly quiet on the coast and the property market has experienced its traditional ‘one month of hibernation’. There is always talk of the market flattening out across the board over winter, interest rates, a down turn in Melbourne and a drop in property prices, etc etc. For me I think this is always positive for the coast as more affordable housing is available for the majority of the market. Geelong, Armstrong Creek, Torquay and Anglesea continue to be in huge demand and some of these areas that have been more for holiday use and quickly attracting more permanent residents.

For any investors, again I wanted to highlight the uptake of permanent rental properties.  Our property manager Chloe North has had an exceptional week, with all properties I highlighted last week, all either now leased or have applications pending. This process from advertising to lease is 1-2 weeks in total! This reinforcing permanent residents needing housing on the coast!

  • 42 Fraser Avenue, Anglesea $400 per week / now leased
  • 2B Noble Street, Anglesea $600 per week  / application pending
  • 1/91 Great Ocean Road, Anglesea $315 per week / application pending
  • 26 Blyth Street, Breamlea – $380 per week / application pending



  • 11 Maroubra Street, Armstrong Creek

Look forward to seeing you at the open for inspections and private appointments.







Kellie Saddington

Branch Manager


Open For Inspections Saturday 04th & Sunday 05th August 

49 Grinders Avenue, Torquay Sat & Sun 11.30 – 12.00

48 Fairway Drive, Anglesea Sat 12 – 12.30 


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